Elan Catering specialise in modern, high-end kitchen equipment using cutting edge technology to get the best results in cooking. Compare our range of sous vide cooking, molecular gastronomy and modernist cuisine tools, and upgrade your commercial kitchen today.

Food Preservation

Food Preservation

Whether you’re a top sous vide chef or you’re simply looking to keep your food fresh, Elan Catering has a range of food preservation equipment available.

Vacuum seal your food to preserve its freshness and flavor with one of our high quality vacuum sealers. Designed to remove air from specially designed channel bags, save room in your fridge while increasing your ingredient’s shelf life at the same time.

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Ovens are truly the heart of any commercial kitchen. Slow cook ovens in particular provide huge benefits to any restaurant or catering operation, boasting simple controls and consistently delicious results.

MyChef combi ovens and MyChef Slow ovens are top of the range, developed in cooperation with world renowned chefs to ensure that great taste is at the forefront of all features.

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Top brands

Molecular Gastronomy

Elan Catering only stocks Europe’s finest brands in commercial cooking. Compare our range and choose from cutting edge products from top brands including Biozoon, Centurion Scientific, Distiform, FusionChef, MyCook Professional and Rowser.

Unsure what product will best suit your needs? Speak to one of our experts and find out more about Elan’s catering equipment.

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See our range of professional Sous Vide machines

Elan Catering is an importer and wholesaler of high quality and first class sous vide solutions including sous vide controllers, sous vide baths, sous vide accessories and sous vide bags.

Our supplier, FusionChef, is renowned for its high quality cooking equipment, used by some of the world’s culinary masters. Enquire today to find out how you can get the most out of your commercial kitchen.

Compliment your sous vide cooking with food preservation equipment, including vacuum sealers and channel bags, and keep your food fresh and ready to use in sous vide cooking.

Explore the world of Molecular Gastronomy

Blend the worlds of cuisine and science, and experiment with the tastes and textures of food in a whole new way, with molecular gastronomy.

Elan Catering stocks a number of molecular gastronomy kits, supplies, tools and cookbooks, perfect for chefs who are dipping their feet in molecular cuisine right through to molecular gastronomy experts.

Fit out your kitchen with Food Preparation equipment

Equip your kitchen with a range of tools for high-quality and time efficient food preparation. Shop for centrifuges, food processors, thermal mixers and cream whippers and expand your commercial kitchen.

Want to learn more about Elan’s professional kitchen and catering equipment? Contact us today.



    Michel Rossetti
    " I have been using a couple of FusionChef Pearls in my restaurant for the past 3 years. They are used on a regular basis for cooking a variety of items on our menu.... " - Michel Rossetti

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    Patrick Dang
    " The Centurion Pro-Xtract centrifuge allows us to extract flavours from different ingredients and use them in our menu to enhance taste or to create exciting flavour profiles.... " - Patrick Dang

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    Ramon Bracamonte
    " MyChef Slow oven and TekVac vacuum sealer are two important equipment in my kitchen.
    We slow cook all the proteins overnight and regenerate during service... " - Ramon Bracamonte

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