Catering Equipment Finance

Creating your own culinary masterpiece should not be a financial burden or a drain on your resources. Whether you are introducing new equipment to your kitchen or starting from scratch, we can provide you with an affordable, flexible finance solution at competitive rates for all your kitchen equipment needs.

We offer a Rent To Own finance on a 4 year term where you can purchase the equipment at every anniversary or own it for $1 at the end of the 4 year term. Alternatively, you can choose a shorter term to suit your needs. Additionally, you will receive a 10% reduction in rental fees each year if you decide to continue renting.


Enjoy ZERO repayments for the first 4 weeks. This will truly give you breathing space to start making money with the new equipment before you have to make any repayments. When you use our Equipment Finance, you will benefit from:

  • NO upfront payments
  • NO security bond or hidden fees
  • Low weekly rentals (first payment 4 weeks after receiving the equipment)
  • Flexible 4 year term with option to purchase at every anniversary
  • 10% reduction in rental fees per year
  • Own the equipment at the end of 4 years for $1
  • Fast, simple and streamlined application process with immediate response (paperless)
  • Add additional items any time or re-finance existing payouts
  • Renting is off balance sheet, and doesn't affect your capacity to borrow in the future
  • Enjoy the immediate tax benefits rather than depreciating the equipment over 10 years^

Rent Catering Equipment

Why wait for the equipment you need to succeed? Whether adding a new menu item, upgrading existing equipment or starting a new hospitality restaurant, you can secure the equipment you need at fraction of the cost with our finance solution. If starting a new business, cash flow is very important especially at early stages of the business until your new business is more established. Having a healthy cash flow can contribute immensely to your business success. Save your cash for important expenses like buying food, paying wages, utilities and so on. Preserve your cashflow, grow your business faster and get the equipment you need now with our rental finance. It offers you the oportunity to enhance your menu options and business opportunities. It allows you to have the equipment you need to succeed right away, without compromising on quality or the number of appliances.

Renting restaurant equipment with us is convenient and easy. Simply call 0401 188 833 to speak with one of our friendly team members for fast approval. Our fast approval process allows you to sign and return documents via email or online, ensuring a fast, secure and convenient service.

Please seek independent financial advice to ensure this offer is right for your circumstances.