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  • Cellulose Gum - Celluzoon

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    Cellulose Gum - Celluzoon
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    Cellulose Gum - Celluzoon

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    Cellulose Gum - Celluzoon 250gr

    Celluzoon contains cellulose gum, which is obtained from plant fibres. Celluzoon can stabilize cold liquid foams, which have a high strength and long life. By heating Celluzoon solid gel can be formed, for example, to produce brittle films.
    Dosage for production of cold foams:
    • Stir 6 level spoons of Celluzoon in 100ml of cold water until the powder is completely dissolved (for example use a electrical whisk).
    • Mix 25ml of the Celluzoon solution with 175ml of liquid (broth, juice, etc.) using an electric whisk or a siphon to produce the foam.
    • We recommend to add 2-3 level spoons of Xanthazoon, to improve the water retention of the foam.
    • Brand: Biozoon
    • Product of Germany
    • Weight: 250gr

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