Fusionchef by Julabo sous vide baths, sous vide immersion circulators and all sous-vide equipment are available here for Australia wide delivery.

FusionChef Sous Vide

FusionChef by Julabo is a premium high quality range of sous vide equipment specially developed and engineered by Julabo the world leader in fluid temperature control to bring a new level of low temperature cooking equipment to commercial kitchens. FusionChef is used by elite chefs around the world due to its precision, efficiency, economy, reliability, longevity and process optimization in commercial kitchens.


Creator of the first sous vide water bath for commercial kitchens, JULABO is recognised as the world's leading expert in liquid temperature control equipment for research, science, and industry for more than four decades. Pairing a tried and true French cooking method with precision German engineering, Fusionchef by Julabo brings a new level of precision and accuracy to the sous vide cooking in commercial kitchens.

Sous Vide in Australia

Sous vide cooking has started a new wave of innovation and creativity among chefs at major restaurants around the world and especially here in Australia. In recent years experimenting with sous vide cooking has reached new heights because of the unique benefits it provides: healthier nutrition, concentrated flavours, and consistent perfect results. For commercial kitchens there are added benefits: less or no wastage, cooler kitchen, scalable results, better service planning and execution. FusionChef sous vide is a must have tool in every commercial kitchen.
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    Travel Case
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    Travel Case

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    FusionChef Travel Case

    • Allows for safe storage of sous vide circulator and its transport between sites
    • Suitable for Pearl and Diamond models
    • Storage for other small tools like Core Temperature Sensor, Adhesive Sealing Tapes, etc
    • Ideal for caterers and chefs on the go
    • Also great for storing your Fusionchef in a safe place
    • Brand: FusionChef by Julabo
    • Internal dimensions: W: 480 x D: 370 x H: 200mm
    • External dimensions: W: 520 x D: 435 x H: 230mm

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