Vacuum Sealers

Vacuum Sealers

Keep your produce fresh with our vacuum food sealer machines from Distform and iSensor vacuum sealers.

iSensor vacuum sealers are truly and thoroughly intelligent and represent a revolution in the world of vacuum packaging. Vacuum sealing has never been this easy. Just put the food in the bag and close the lid. That’s all! No settings to enter. No readjustments. iSensor detects the size, amount, and type of food. It can also tell whether the food is liquid or porous, whether the bag is thick or thin, or even made of metal. iSensor monitors and regulates the temperature of the sealing bar and re-calibrates automatically based on variations in atmospheric pressure. Say goodbye to constantly configuring and adjusting your vacuum sealer. Just close the lid and that’s it! You don’t even have to press a button.

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  • TekVac Vacuum Sealer TVA430B2

    TekVac Vacuum Sealer TVA430B2 new sale

    TekVac Vacuum Sealer TVA430B2

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    Distform Vacuum Sealer TekVac TVA430B2

    This innovative hi-tech vacuum sealer improves the shelf-life of cooked or raw food using the most advanced technology conceived and designed in collaboration with world's leading chefs. It provides perfect vacuum and maximum seal and is ideal for sous vide applications, packing liquids and moist and porous food.
    • iVAC (intelligent vacuum) reduces maintenance, repair and consumption costs of food packing. iVac sensor-controlled packing system automatically selects the optimum vacuum level for each product.
    • VAC+: Extra vacuum for porous food. With Vac+ function, you can add additional vacuum time once the 100% vacuum level has been reached in order to force the air out of porous food. One very interesting application of the Vac+ function is impregnation: a technique by which the air inside porous food (such as some types of fruit) is replaced by a liquid which may modify its colour and/or taste but maintains its texture.
    • Auto Oil Clean: The condensation of the oil vapor during the packing process reduces the efficiency of the vacuum pump. The Auto Oil Clean system eliminates the condensed water and increases the life of both the oil and the vacuum pump resulting in reduced maintenance costs. It is recommended to carry out an Auto Oil Clean cycle once a week
    • Calibration: Variations in atmospheric pressure and changes in the weather can affect the precision of the vacuum. TekVac vac packers are equipped with the calibration function as a standard; always guaranteeing a perfect vacuum.
    • Cordless removable sealing bar (Useful length: 430 mm)
    • Digital keyboard with 100 programs and easy user interface
    • Separate LED counter for each function
    • Stainless steel body & chamber with rounded edges for easy cleaning and hygiene
    • Soft-air for packing delicate or special food products as standard
    • Optional: Inert Gas Injection for sealing delicate & fragile food
    • BUSCH Pump: 20 m³/h
    • Chamber dimensions: W: 570 x D: 450 x H: 180mm
    • Cordless removable sealing bar (Useful length: 430 mm)
    • Double sealing 2 x 4mm
    • Complies with Hygiene, Cleaning & Food Material regulations
    • Brand: Distform
    • Made in Spain
    • Dimensions: W: 665 x D: 590 x H: 460mm
    • Weight: 80 Kg
    • Power: Single phase, 10Amp (750W)
    • Warranty: 12 months parts & labour

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