Vacuum Sealers

Vacuum Sealers

Keep your produce fresh with our vacuum food sealer machines from Distform and mychef iSensor vacuum sealers.

mychef iSensor vacuum sealers are truly and thoroughly intelligent and represent a revolution in the world of vacuum packaging. Vacuum sealing has never been this easy. Just put the food in the bag and close the lid. That’s all! No settings to enter. No readjustments. iSensor detects the size, amount, and type of food. It can also tell whether the food is liquid or porous, whether the bag is thick or thin, or even made of metal. iSensor monitors and regulates the temperature of the sealing bar and re-calibrates automatically based on variations in atmospheric pressure. Say goodbye to constantly configuring and adjusting your vacuum sealer. Just close the lid and that’s it! You don’t even have to press a button.

Winner of the prestigious RED DOT AWARD, mychef iSensor is focused on an optimised user experience: for basic packing use you don’t even have to switch on the machine; just open the lid, place the bag, and let the machine decide the optimum vacuum and sealing levels using iVac and iSeal patented algorithms.

Available for delivery nation-wide, Elan Catering Equipment is renowned for providing the highest quality kitchen and restaurant equipment.

  • TekVac Vacuum Sealer TVE010T2

    TekVac Vacuum Sealer TVE010T2 new sale
    TekVac Vacuum Sealer TVE010T2TekVac Vacuum Sealer TVE010T2
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    TekVac Vacuum Sealer TVE010T2

    Product code: TVE010T2

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    Distform External Vacuum Sealer TekVac TVE010T2

    TekVac TVE010T2 external vacuum packer is made of stainless steel and is light, robust and compact for easy transport and storage. The vacuum pump ensures the packing of solid (dry) products, providing optimal protection. These vacuum sealers are ideal for small businesses, cafes, takeaways and restaurants as well as for home use to preserve food in perfect condition.

    • Time-controlled vacuum with automatic or manual operation
    • Automatic sealing on reaching the programed sealing time
    • 3x programs: 2x automatic + 1x manual
    • Double seal line
    • Seal width 2 x 2.5mm
    • Sealing bar length: 300 mm
    • Self-lubricating vacuum pump
    • Pump Capacity: 10 L/h
    • Regulation of vacuum time from 0.5 to 60 seconds
    • Manual adjustment of the vacuum time
    • Manual opening
    • Stainless steel construction
    • Flat membrane panel to facilitate cleaning
    • LED panel indicating the current program
    • For use with channel bags only
    • Not suitable for liquids or wet products
    • Brand: Distform
    • Made in Spain
    • Dimensions: W: 385 x D: 254 x H: 125mm
    • Weight: 5 Kg
    • Power: Single phase, 10Amp (300W)
    • Warranty: 12 months parts & labour
    Distform external vacuum sealers are made of stainless steel and are light, robust and compact for easy transport and storage. The vacuum pump ensures the packaging of solid products (without humidity), providing optimal protection. These vacuum sealers are aimed at small businesses, cafes, takeaways, small food shops, delicatessen and restaurants. They are also ideal for home use making it possible to conserve the whole week’s food in perfect condition. Another application is in the electronics industry, which needs to pack electronic boards in order to protect them from dust and humidity.
    20 Jan 2017
    Good value for a European made all stainless vacuum sealer.

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