Molecular Gastronomy Kits

Molecular Gastronomy Kits

Molecular gastronomy kits contain all the tools and ingredients you need to experiment with molecular foods. Molecular gastronomy kits are available in a variety of formats for home cooks, gourmet chefs, and professionals. Biozoon molecular gastronomy kits are by far the best kits on the market as the products are the result of extensive research by University of Applied Sciences in Bremerhaven, Germany. There are more ingredients per kit so that you don't run out after the first few recipes and also great value for the quantity in the kit. Biozoon ingredients dissolve completely and quickly and there is no need for an electronic scale to weigh the products, just use the measuring spoon provided, it's so easy.
  • Foam Kit

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    Foam Kit

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    Molecular Gastronomy Foam Kit

    The Foam Kit contains everything you need to experiment with the emulsification technique. The recipe card provides an application example as a suggestion for the concentration of the products. The spoon simplifies the dosage of the products. Foam Kit includes:
    • Cellulose Gum - Celluzoon (45g)
    • Xanthan Gum - Xanthazoon (65g)
    • Battery operated mixer
    • Dosing Spoon
    • Measuring Cup
    • Recipe card
    • Brand: Biozoon
    • Product of Germany
    • Weight: 200gr
    Emulsification is the process of turning a liquid into a light air foam. Almost any watery solution can be deconstructed into a light foam for a modern touch that will liberate and intensify its flavour.

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