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  • Gellan Gum - Gellazoon Low

    Gellan Gum - Gellazoon Low new sale
    Gellan Gum - Gellazoon Low
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    Gellan Gum - Gellazoon Low

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    Gellan Gum - Gellazoon 250gr

    Gellazoon contains Gellan gum, a gelling agent produced by fermentation. Gellan gum (Gellazoon) forms firm gels even at low concentrations (0.5 %) which are characterised by very clear colour and aroma. Gellan gum (Gellazoon) displays better gelling and water-binding properties than Agazoon and the elasticity of the gels can be steered by varying the dosage of the gelling agent. Dosage for production of gel noodles or fake spaghetti:
    • Stir 2 level measuring spoons of Gellan gum (Gellazoon) into 100 ml of cold liquid (broth, juice, etc).
    • Stirring continuously, bring the solution to the boil, pour into a mould or as a thin layer, and leave to cool and gel.
    • Cut the gelled layer into narrow strips.
    • Alternatively, insert the solution into a silicon tube using a food grade syringe and let it cool to gel.
    • Using the empty syringe, blow air into the tube to get the fake spaghetti out.
    • Brand: Biozoon
    • Product of Germany
    • Weight: 250gr

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