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Molecular Gastronomy Supplies

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  • Iota Carageenan - Iotazoon

    Iota Carageenan - Iotazoon new sale
    Iota Carageenan - Iotazoon
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    Iota Carageenan - Iotazoon

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    Iota Carageenan - Iotazoon 300gr

    Iotazoon contains Iota Carageenan, a type of carrageen which is obtained from red algae. Iota Carageenan (Iotazoon) is used industrially as a gelling agent and stabilizer, e.g. in dairy products and for the manufacture of patés, desserts, confectionery, sauces and beverages. Dosage for production of a milk foam:
    • Stir 3 level measuring spoons of Iota Carageenan (Iotazoon) into 200ml of cold milk
    • mix until completely dissolved
    • Slowly bring the solution to the boil
    • Let the solution cool
    • Make a foam from the milk solution using a cream siphon
    • We recommend combining with Xanthazoon which can influence the texture, elasticity and water-binding capacity of the gels
    • Brand: Biozoon
    • Product of Germany
    • Weight: 300gr

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