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Molecular Gastronomy Supplies

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  • Locust Bean Gum - Locuzoon

    Locust Bean Gum - Locuzoon new sale
    Locust Bean Gum - Locuzoon
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    Locust Bean Gum - Locuzoon

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    Locust Bean Gum - Locuzoon 250gr

    Locuzoon contains locust bean gum and in cold liquids it acts as a good thickening agent. Locust Bean Gum is used in industrial food processing in dairy products, desserts, fruit products, dressings and sauces. In frozen gels, Locuzoon delays crystal formation, allowing frozen products to give a pleasant mouth feel. Dosage for the production of fruit fillings for chocolates:
    • Stir 2 level measuring spoons of locust bean gum (Locuzoon) into 100 ml of cold liquid (e.g. juice)
    • Pour mixture into moulds and close to make filled chocolates
    • Brand: Biozoon
    • Product of Germany
    • Weight: 250gr

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