Baccardi Razz Jelly Shot

Baccardi Razz Jelly Shot


Preparation time: 15-20 minutes

Cooking time: 10 mins

Category: Drinks



Ingredients for 20 pieces:
30ml Bacardi Razz
40ml Water
40gr Sugar
4 level dosage spoon Agazoon
Raspberry (20 pieces)


Heat 4cl water with 40g sugar in a small pot until the sugar dissolves in water.
Add 4 level dosage spoons of Agazoon and boil the solution again.
Add 3cl Bacardi Razz and take the pot off the heat.
Place the liquid preparation in a silicon mould and fill it to half way.
Wash the raspberries and put one in each formation. For best results place raspberries in the centre.
Fill the mould with more of the liquid preparation so that raspberries are completely covered.
Place the mould in the fridge for faster gelification.

Take the jellied Bacardi cubes out of the silicon mould and present on a happy spoon. Decorate to your liking.