Special Deals

Special Deals

Our special deals on selected catering equipment and accessories is designed to give you extra value when you combine selected equipment in a packaged deal. Enquire now!

Sous Vide Equipment

FusionChef by Julabo is the world leader in sous vide equipment. We supply a range of sous vide controllers and sous vide baths in different models and sizes. A FusionChef sous vide equipment will be a real asset to your restaurant for many years to come.

Vacuum Sealers

Vacuum sealers are a necessity in any commercial kitchen. A Distform vacuum sealer can add shelf life to your products and reduce food waste. TekVac vacuum sealers use the most advance vacuum sealing technology and have many features as standard.


Ovens are at the heart of any commercial kitchen. Whether you are looking for a combi oven or a slow cook oven watch this space for best deals. We usually have some ovens on special.

Thermal Mixers

Thermal mixers are the all-in-one kitchen appliance that can perform a variety of tasks including cooking and mixing at the same time. MyCook Professional 1.8 is a commercial thermal mixer designed by chefs for chefs in commercial kitchens.

Food Processors

Rowzer is a versatile food processor. It can process frozen food to the required number of portions on demand. The result is a very smooth and creamy texture that will truly delight your customers. Rowzer can be used to make a variety of sweet or savoury products including ice creams, sorbets, patés, soups, terrines, sauces and dips and much more!

Australia wide delivery

We deliver Australia wide to all states and territories and to all major cities. Regional and country areas are also covered.
All catering equipment we supply are covered by a national warranty.

  • Food Processor Package

    Food Processor Package new sale

    Food Processor Package

    Product code: FPP

    delivery-icon Australia Wide Delivery

    We deliver Australia wide to every state, all major cities and regional areas.

    Deliveries are usually through sensitive freight companies.

    Tail-lift service is available for large and bulky equipment at extra cost.

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    We pride ourselves in a speedy response to all your enquiries.

    In most cases, we respond within a few hours of receiving your enquiry.

    All enquiries are responded to within 24 hours maximum unless it relates to a large quotation or a specialised freight quote needs to be obtained.

    Food Processor Package

    Food processor package will provide you with the best of both worlds: A frozen food emulsifier to create creamy texture ice creams as well as a thermal mixer to do all you preps, sauces, soups and glazes.
    Package includes:
    • 1x Rowzer Frozen Food Emulsifier
    • 1x MyCook Professional 1.8
    • 4x Stainless steel containers for the Rowzer
    • Made in Europe
    • Overall Weight: 25 Kg
    • Power: 2 x Single phase 10Amp
    • Warranty: 12 months parts & labour

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